Special suits


Escape suit

Made from a new bright orange, water-tight and light-weight PU material.

Neoprene hood and 5 finger latex gloves fixed to the suit. Webbing belt as pull-strap and pocket with buddy-line on the left arm.

The diagonal front-zipper from Dynat ice "Made in Germany". SOLAS reflective tapes as required. Fixing straps on the legs. With thin PU sole. 

Comes into his own bag.

One-Size-Suit as required


6.5 mm neoprene diving dry suit. Special development for underwater work. 

HD neoprene, outside fabrics of nylon flex. Backside seat, elbow and shoulder material outside from armortex fabrics. 

Knee protection HD rubber material. Arm seals made of HD latex neck seal made of neoprene.

(Optional: shoulder with connection for Kirby Morgan helmet). 

New aquata pocket panel system fixed on both thigh. Comes with one cargo pocket. 4 other pockets available. He suit will be delivered in International sizes as: 

S (166-174) cm

M (170-178) cm

L (174-184) cm

XL (182-188) cm

XXL (184-192) cm


XXS (158-166) cm

XS (162-170) cm

XXXL (188-196) cm


Our basic models can be modified according to your special needs and performance requirements if

This is done within the existing approval standards or if their appliance is abandoned. 

It is for instance possible to equip our models ARO V20 and ARO V40 with separate gloves and without a harness for helicopter lift-up.

Instead of the originally used leg straps it is possible to attach heavy-duty outlet valves.

Materials and the preferred method of entry might be changed as well. 

The experience gained from the development and production of survival suits for the navy was able to be transferred to other sectors as well.
Nowadays we do supply several governmental institutions such as the military, the fire claimed or police units with diving suits and other special garments.
A better part of these suits are tailormade developments which are customized to the special needs and requirements of our customers. 

We are looking forward to jointly developing a suit in accordance with your needs and performance requirements.