Emergency Light Daniamant W4

Daniamant W4-automatic/Alkaline emergency light,
low profile, compact flashing light,
the light is activated automatically when it comes to water,
and can be switched off manually, if necessary.
The light emitted by an extremely low profile cupola,
which makes the light less, vulnerable to injuries during the evacuation.





Daniamant W4

Spray hood | Vspray 

For rescue overalls ARO V20/V40.
Protects the face against splashing water. Easy to add to the suit.



Test Set XS50

The testset contains of a very effective closure for the neck of survivalsuits. With this kind of closure the suit can be fast and easy tested without difficult screwing parts together.
The headclosure is supplied with a sensitive pressure gauge showing the required pressure in millibar and kpa with warnings.
The air is supplied with a 2 meter hose which can be connected to every onboard pressure system. To close the air a handvalve is integrated.
Further there is a booklet and a CD in English how to correct make the onboard check of the suits.

Link to product sheet: Spike test kit XS50




Maintenance Set 2 ZPBOX

Big Presentation Box with siliconespray and wax crayons for zippers.

Maintenance Set 2 ZPBOX